Our Services & Core Business

Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

Our qualified team will use highly efficient equipment to test your structure/components withour causing them harm.

Civil Testing

We test your materials for you ensuring that your materials are of good quality and ready to use.

Vendor Inspection & Expedition Services

We ensure that your setup and components are in good condition in accordance with reqgulations.

Calibration Servies

Your equipment must be precise and accurate according to regulations and we make sure of that.

IT services

IT Services

Web Designing, Web Development(Fontend & Backend), SEO, UI/UX.

IT services

Third Party Inspection

Third Party Inspection Services in Saudi Arabia

Vendor Inspection & Expedition Services

  • Vendor Quality Surveillance/Third Party Vendor Inspection/Material Inspection.
  • Mechanical ( Vendor Manufacturer Inspection and Assessment).
  • Electrical and Instrument (Vendor Manufacturer Inspection and Assessment).
  • Civil Vendor Inspection.
  • Quality Procurement.
  • Vendor Expedition service provider.

Civil Testing

  • Soil Testing.
  • Aggregate Testing.
  • Chemical Testing.
  • Concrete Testing.
  • Asphalt Testing.

Calibration Services

  • Calibration of Pressure Equipment.
  • Calibration of Electrical Equipment.
  • Calibration of Equipment.
  • Calibration of Thermal Equiment.
  • Calibration of Dimensional.