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- Our Vision -

To be one of the successful corporation through loyalty, integrity, honesty, cohesiveness and professionalism.

- Our Mission -

  • Be different in other way to be competitive in the market by offering new inspection techniques.
  • Ensuring client satisfaction by giving a strong commitment and the highest possible in all projects.
  • Be competent with highly skilled force.
  • Promote saudization.
  • Advance NDT technology.

- Our Motto -

"We are different here to fulfil your business needs."

About Us

Abdullah Tufail Bunyan Al Salami Building Materials Laboratory (ATECO) is a 100% saudi owned company. Integral to our range of services in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, ATECO offers specialzed civil testing, equipmeny calibration, Training & Inspection services to complement our quality assurance & quality control services. These services help our clients to improve their product reliability, reduce operational & maintenance costs, enhance safety, extend plant life & meet regulatory requirements. We are equipped with the latest equipments, inspection tools & technology to cater the most advanced requirements of our clients.

We believe our personnel are our greatest assets besides state of the art equipment for best results, we have highly trained and certified technicians/inspectors to perform the testing & inspection activities. Our technicians & inspectors are experienced and have technical expertise to conduct the inspection service to international standard. We offer experience, expertise and equipments in specialzed civil testing, equipment calibrations, quality assurance, quality control. Our reputation within all industries is not only known for our quality of personnel and quipment but equally our professionalism and knowledge.

We are working with our clients to assure the achievement of their prime performance bonded with contracts reliability, this philosphy resurges from our resources of very experienced professionals whom served in this field for years and their accomplishments are visible by the range successful project we can see all over the region.

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